City of St. Mary Board of Aldermen Meeting

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to United States of America Flag

Roll Call by Clerk



Administration Department

1. Approval of Minutes of August 10th, 17th and September 7th, 2006

2. Approval of all bill

3. Building Permits

4. Motion to go into Closed Session to discuss Personnel Matters

5. Information on Electing Aldermen at large

6. Ordinance No. 794—Revising budget adopted budget for fiscal year ending 10/1/2005

7. Set up budget meeting for next week

8. Authorize the treasurer to transfer $15,000.00 from Debt Serv. MM to CD for 9 months

9. Authorize mayor to sign contract with Gateway for propane at rate of $1.345 per gallon for 2500 gallons

10. Decide on insurance coverage for full time employees

11. Review and discuss letter from FEMA on audit conducted of floodplain management


Old Business:

1. Louise Peterson grinder conduit repaired—Still needs a lock


New Business

Fire Department

1. Report by the Chief

Water/Sewer Departments

Report by Alderman Bova

  1. EIC has installed the controls at water tower and instructed Mike & Gerald about them
  2. Blower at Sewer plant—Robinson removed the motor for repair today—out since Aug.1st per Clyde
  3. Water samples Clyde took Monday—3 of 5 were bad—Submitted repeats today
  4. Generator needs a new solenoid
  5. Sludge wagon needs some repairs


Police Department

Chief on vacation

1. Willis property needs to be mowed—do we hire it out or do it in house?


Street Department

Report by Alderman Bequette

  1. Culvert at Weekly property—who is to do the work now? We have no backhoe operator
  2. Tractor—Has it been repaired?
  3. What do we need this winter for snow removal?

4. Schwent Drive


Cemetery Department

Report by Alderman Bade

1. Blading off of dirt pile to turn this into saleable lots


Park Department

Report by Alderman Odem

1. Sign is in that needs to be put up and old one taken down—No hurry

Public Forum

Other city business that may so arise.


The agenda of this meeting also includes a vote to close a part of this meeting pursuant to Section 610.021(3) to discuss personnel matters.