City of St. Mary Board of Aldermen Meeting

Thursday, October 4, 2007 6:30 PM


Call to Order by Mayor Jay Wilson

Pledge of Allegiance to United States of America Flag

Roll Call by Clerk




Public Forum—Citizens who wish to speak to the City Board


Administration Department

Consent Agenda consisting of:

    1. Minutes of Sept. 13th, Sept. 27th and Oct. 2, 2007
    2. Bills for payment in the amount of $20,078.24
    3. Collector’s Report
    4. Treasurer’s Report

Building permits if any since last meeting.

Ord. 809—Adopting a budget for the fiscal year beginning on October 1, 2007

Ord. 810—Lager’s Retirement for Employees

Ord. 811—Verizon settlement ordinance for review by the board for adopt 11/8th


Police Department

Report by Chief of Police Mark Bequette


Fire Department

Report by Fire Chief Scott Cooper


Street Department

Report by Aldermen Bequette

Schwent Drive


Water& Sewer Departments

Report by Alderman Bovey


Cemetery Department

Report by Alderman Gerardot


Park Department

Report by Alderman Nate Odem


Other city business that may so arise.