City of St. Mary Board of Aldermen Meeting

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to United States of America Flag

Roll Call by Clerk


Administration Department

1.  Approval of Minutes of July 13, 2006 and August 2, 2006

2.  Approval of all bills—Discussion about finances in Water/Sewer O&M Fund

3.  Building Permits

4.  Motion to go into Closed Session to discuss Personnel Matters

5.  Hwy 61 Yard Sales on Sept. 1st & 2nd ---Does city want to allow residents to use Buyout Property

6.  AT&T is removing public phone on Hwy 61—PTS will put in phone for $75.00 per month

7.  Set up meeting for Hearing on tax rate & pass ordinance

8.  New state Law—Cities under 1,000 pop. have the option of electing aldermen at large

9.  HB209 was declared unconstitutional and therefore the gross receipts on telephones is back to 5%

Public Forum

1.  Ronald Barnett—Requesting permit to live in travel trailer temporarily with building

2.  Dave Bieser concerning Schwent Drive

3.  Chris Bequette concerning water billings

Old Business:

1.      Ditch work on 3rd Street, Edna Donze culvert, culverts on Hwy 61

2.      Louise Peterson Grinder

3.      Dirt/Grass seeding for yard on Spruce Street

4.      Mulch in ditch on 3rd Street

5.      Willis Property—weeds grown up and never mowed on streets edge (needs mowing again)

6.      Harrow still lying in city park—needs to be moved to concession stand

New Business

Fire Department

Report by the Chief

Water/Sewer Departments

Report by Alderman Bova & Water/Sewer Operator Clyde Cassoutt

1.      Report by Clyde on water & sewer systems

2.      Report by Clyde on Robinson bill—charge for three (3) men

3.      Insurance company has agreed to pay for lightening damage to water tower controls

4.      Remarks by Alderman Bova

Police Department

Report by Chief Bequette

Street Department

Report by Alderman Bequette

3rd Street ditch work

Cemetery Department

Report by Alderman Bader

Park Department

Report by Alderman Odem

Removal of harrow

Other city business that may so arise. 

The agenda of this meeting also includes a vote to close a part of this meeting pursuant to Section 610.021(3) to discuss personnel matters.