City of St. Mary Board of Aldermen Meeting

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance to United States of America Flag
Roll Call by Clerk



Administration Department

  1. Minutes of March 8th & March 26, 2007 and Closed Meetings of March 8th and March 12th.
  2. Bills for payment
  3. Building permits if any since last meeting.
  4. Canvassing of election results of April 1, 2007 General Election as certified by County Clerk Kay Basler
  5. Swearing in of Mayor Jay Wilson, Alderman Ward I Frank Gerardot and Collector Bob Bartels
  6. Selection of a Chairman of the Board by the Aldermen
  7. Appointment of City Clerk by the Aldermen
  8. Appointment of a Municipal Judge by the Mayor and approved by the Board
  9. Departmental Appointments by the Mayor approved by the Board.
  10. Lagers Retirement Program meeting set for Monday, April 16th at 6:00 PM
  11. Frank Elpers would like to meet with the mayor at his convenience.
  12. Workmen’s Compensation Safety Policy adoption set for May meeting with board approval.


Police Department

Report by Chief of Police Mark Bequette


Fire Department

Report by Fire Chief Gary Armbruster


Water& Sewer Departments

Report by Alderman Bovey

  1. Yards on Circle Drive that needs to be repaired due to water line break.
  2. Sewer bill of Alastair McCaskie
  3. Meeting with Engineer and Chauncy Buchheit on Monday, April 23rd at 6:15 PM
  4. Hiring of new water/sewer operator


Street Department

Report by Aldermen Bequette

  1. Culvert at Martin Heberlie has been replaced
  2. Metal Plate on Pine St. at Bank parking lot report by Alderman Bovey
  3. Tractor gauges do not work/need repair
  4. Pot holes & street paving for summer months.


Cemetery Department

Portion of fence in the cemetery needs repairs


Park Department

Report by Alderman Nate Odem

Other city business that may so arise.


The agenda of this meeting also includes a vote to close a part of this meeting pursuant to Section 610.021(3) to discuss personnel matters.